People make your business!

....not your building!

COMMIT & CONFIRM - BDC Recruiting & Development

From ongoing training to building your first BDC department ASI will develop a strategy and program for your specific needs. ASI has built BDC departments based on a proven system of instruction and responsibility. Our average training programs are 1 to 2 weeks in total depending upon the size and spectrum of your dealerships needs.

To supplement your current BDC team we also offer to many of our clients BDC recruiting & Instruction. This is similar to our ASI-101 sales recruiting & Instructional program which proves highly efficient to keep the whole team on a streamlined process with a system of 'checks & balances'.

ASI will build your new BDC department with strong well spoken representatives who understand their role and responsibility within your dealership. Our training is built on 4 important factors of BDC.

  • Introduction
  • Selection
  • Commitment
  • Confirmation