People make your business!

....not your building!


This program is our flagship program for building a strong positive driven team. We post numerous proven job postings for 1 week prior being onsite at your dealership. We then interview only the candidates that fit our statistical criteria for success. After interviews we hand-select those qualified for ASI-101 training! During the 3 days of training you the dealer selects as many qualified candidates as you need for your store. 

We can recruit and instruct up to 50 people in 1 class......... We are the nations highest volume recruiter!

There are four main topics we focus on in training:

  • Learn how to build strong 'Rapport'
  • Learn how to make a proper 'Selection'
  • Learn how to sell the whole dealership experience
  • Learn HOW TO CLOSE!

Below is a sample of what happens in our 1 week ASI-101 course. These are qualified students learning how to "Ask for the sale and overcome objections" Take a look!