People make your business!

....not your building!

ASI-201 "Coaching & Closing"

This is a program for all salespeople! This should be instituted 1 time per month to keep consistency and accuracy!

ASI understands the importance of maximizing every potential sale. ASI also understands that most sales departments are not 'Closing' at strong percentage ratios based upon the number of customers walking through their front door. This is a very common concern that can be rectified by our ASI-201 program. This program is for the entire sales department including managers! We are onsite for an early morning seminar for approximately 2 hours then coaching individual salespeople through the afternoon.

Master the selling process, it should be customer focused and always VALUE building on product!

Your team will learn how to handle customer buying objections without turning the commitment to price! 


3 day Training Seminar on the following:

  • Rapport & Control understanding
  • Why we should sell slow and CLOSE FAST!
  • Asking for the Sale
  • Overcoming Objections
  • How to present "The Offer"
  • How to increase gross through negotiation
  • How to CLOSE STRONG!